Why should I purchase my produce from Butter Valley Harvest?

Our produce is good for you...

  • Hydroponic produce has higher concentrations of nutrients and minerals than field-grown produce.

  • Our produce is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals.

  • Our produce is grown without dirt, which translates to no soil-borne diseases, grubs, microorganisms, toxins, bacteria, etc.

  • Our produce is fed witth nutrient-rich water... no fertilizers produced from animal waste.

  • Our produce is pampered in a computer-controlled environment, providing optimal temperatures and nutrients year-round which produces a consistent crop, without disturbances from weather, animals, and other natural occurrences.

  • Our produce is beautiful and healthy-looking, because it is fresh -- hand-picked and delivered within hours, not gassed or ripened in a warehouse.

  • Our Sure Gro channels are made of non-toxic 'rigid' PVC.  There is some concern over the many toxins released by some PVC.  You do not need to worry about our channels leaching harmful chemicals into your food.

and good for the environment!

  • Hydroponic systems use 10-15% of the water that field-grown produce uses.

  • We recycle our water through the greenhouse.

  •  In addition to the power of the sun, we use geothermal energy to heat the greenhouse during the colder months of the year.  This reduces our dependency on propane by 90% and keeps our costs down, while reducing our carbon footprint.  In the future we will look for ways to use additional alternative energy, such as solar panels, to power our growing systems. 

  • Local.  Most U.S. produce is picked 4 – 7 days before arriving at the local grocery store or restaurant after traveling an average of 1500 miles. In winter months especially, much of the produce we consume comes from outside the United States. These practices are an unnecessary strain on our energy and oil resources.

  • No soil erosion.

Butter Valley Harvest

Our on-site market is open Tuesday afternoon 2:00 - 5:00                    and

Saturday morning 10:00-12:00.




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